Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Stupider

I admit I've always been kind of a space cadet, but it has gotten so out of hand recently. I can't remember things to save my life. Note the following that has all occurred within the last week.

Example #1:

Several weeks ago while visiting my in-laws in Irvine, I left my stinking cell phone at their house. We live over an hour away. That stunk. Luckily my brother-in-law Joe bailed me out by bringing it 1/2 way.

Example #2:

While on our next visit to the in-laws, I am gathering all my stuff getting ready to drive back to Simi Valley. I am close to walking out when my mother-in-law walks up and hands me my cell phone, "don't forget this!" Right. It is at this exact moment that I realize that I have left my car keys in my sister-in-law's car--who lives in Huntington Beach. Rats. I am so flustered by this realization that I set my wallet down on the counter and walk out of the house. As we are climbing in the car to go get my car keys, my mother-in-law asks "Have you got everything?" My response "Ha-ha seriously! What's my problem? But yes I'm totally sure I've got everything, don't worry about me." Hmmm. Nope, totally left it sitting there. So thanks again Joe and Tori for meeting me half way to deliver my forgotten keys and thanks again to Joe for again bailing me out by bringing my wallet up to Torrence.

Example #3:

My cousin-in-law Julie just had a birthday and a bunch of girls were getting together last Friday night to celebrate. Well, Ben decided to take Teddy out to get some dinner before I had to leave. As he is preparing to go, I hand him his wallet--totally forgetting that my wallet is still in Irvine. Several minutes after he's gone, I realize I have no money--and two seconds later Kaye has come to pick me up. As I get in the car I tell Kaye I've got no money, just a checkbook. Well, it so happens Kaye only has cash, just enough to dinner, so her friend in the car, Tiffany, who I have only met once and who is also very nice says, "oh don't worry, I'll pay for you." So we go to dinner and while we are chatting I learn that Tiffany is training for a marathon and is on a strict diet. Dinner ends and I write Tiffany a check, she is super awesome about it...then as we are driving home we are chatting and having so much fun I say, "oh..we don't have to go home right now, do we? Can't we go get some ice cream or something?"...again completely spacing that I have no money and hello Tiffany is training for a marathon, did I really just suggest that she take me out and buy me ice cream and sit and talk to me while I eat it? Well that's what I did, and that's what we ended up doing, and I think she is about the nicest person ever. We ate really fast because Kaye had to get up early but Tiffany's will power will forevermore be an inspiration!

Sigh, Example #4:

I've been on a couponing kick the last 6 months or so, yes because it saves money but also because it is a little bit of a contest I have with myself. Since being pregnant I've kind of fallen off the wagon because for some reason I'd rather poke my eyes out than go to the grocery store. However, yesterday we were out of everything...I mean everything. I had no choice. So I got out the coupons, which I had to organize about 3 months worth...got my list together...it took about an hour or so. Got to the grocery store, had the cart just about loaded up when I realized I forgot the coupons.

Please help me, pregnancy is eating my brain.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

How awesome is Teddy's Papa? Honestly! We love you Bill!