Sunday, October 26, 2008


Saturday we went to Underwood Farm for the Harvest Festival and had a great time. We'd never been there before and I was totally blown away. It is a fully functioning farm where you can pick your own produce (typically not my thing, but maybe it could be...), they have a petting zoo, hay rides...and a punkin patch. There were doggies and horsies for Teddy, free refills on sno-cones for Ben, and ginormous sunflowers for me. We even met up with my cousin Elise and her fam, it was great to catch up.


Crystal said...

so stinking cute! I absolutely LOVED the up-dates! I missed you (a few times) this summer we just could never get away, sometimes it sucks living far away :(

I loved all the picks of Teddy the dog video is priceless! Les Mis was fun with Jami but we talked about the whole time-so you were practically there anyway-love you!

Cassaundra said...

we went there so fun, but hot!