Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yeah yeah yeah...it's about time. i get it.

So I'm a blogger failure, what else is new? I will try and be better, but honestly, who knows. Geez, there is so much to catch up on! We had an awesome summer where we stayed cute and cool. We went on several great trips to Utah--including one where my little brother Taylor got married. We went to Lake Powell and, most recently, on a cruise to Mexico. My sister Amy & her family came to visit from Pennsylvania, as well as my cousin and best friend Patricia came for a visit from NYC and we had a ton of fun. Then, about two weeks ago, I ran away to San Diego for a couple days with my mother-in-law and the Wells girls where amidst a bunch of shopping and delicious food, I remembered all about the art of conversation and ketchup-free clothing.

Oh, also in September we moved from Northridge to Simi Valley and we are loving it!! It is the perfect situation for us right now, we love our apartment and Simi is much more neighborhood-ish and homey feeling. Plus we have been practically adopted by Ben's family out here (love you Juli & Shane, Wendy & Vince, Cassaundra & Dylan). So life is pretty great.

Teddy is as crazy as ever, he is totally into "car cars" (also called "doot-doot's") and train's, a.k.a "choo-choo's". He LOVES dogs and usually calls them "pike" in honor of our neighbor's dog Spike. He is a soda fiend (bad news) and he calls all food "ahbee". We are not sure why. Even though sometimes my head is stinging by the end of the day, I am so in love with him I could just explode! I wish I was the best mother in the world because he deserves it, oh well...one day at a time, right?

Before you get all cheesed out by this blog entry, let me say--there are still bumps in the road, mostly caused by me, but we are grateful for the life we've got. Here are some highlights from the past few months:


Dave Donaldson said...

Holy Bollard blogging, batman!!!

He is getting so big. We must get together soon. Please update more often :)

Amber said...

First of all, HORRAY! I love it. You guys make me jealous being close to my crew out there. How fun. That Teddy is seriously darling! Keep up the bloggin baby!

Jennelle said...

I new you could do it! I never gave up on you! =o)

Love the picture with the sticker on his nose and the video with he dog...classic.

It was so good to see you, hopefully we will be able to meet up Halloween weekend. ta ta

Cassaundra said...

Love that you are back, for as long or short as you like... It has been so much fun having you close by and going to the downtown was great! Even though we were all doom and gloom and worried mamas...so good to be with girlfriends/family. Call me soon. Love that Teddy!!!

Team Hillman said...

Whoa! It looks like you guys had a great summer. Little Teddy is so adorable and your family is very cute. We still need to find a way to get together.

The Riley's said...

Since when does a blog entry make me cry? Yes, I said cry! I miss you all so much right now I could puke. Love the pictures! Professional photographers! I guess it helps when you have a boy like Teddy, freaking amazing!! He is so cute it hurts. I can't believe he has made that jump from baby to little boy. Love, love, love you all!