Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I'm going a little overboard on the Elsie showcase...but isn't that what blogs are for? So I have done a fair amount of bragging about my illustrator/sister Amy, but for those of you who aren't related to me/don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain. My sister Amy is, among many other amazing traits, an uber-talented illustrator for children's books. She was born with talent to be sure, but she has been working at it her entire life! Well, she sketched out this little number of Elsie--from memory--on an airplane--while flying back to her home in Pennsylvania. I think it's amazing! Her website is very cool... I love my sister so much, and not just because she draws amazing pictures of my kids (it's quite a bonus though!).

She is super low-key about her success, we usually find out months/years later that she won some huge award or one of her books was a best seller. My sisters/sisters-in law are my best friends, to say that I lucked out just doesn't even cover it! Amy is currently living in Japan with her family (boo!). So call me, Amy, when you see this--I miss you! And I want to talk to you about next summer.


Liz Rose said...

Oh wow!! What a talent--that is darling!

Amy June Bates said...

nothing in this world is cuter than the real thing. I mean Elsie, not me. And anyway I miss you more, so stop it. I love you and will you please tell my rotten kids to go to sleep?

The Riley's said...

She is amazing. Why is she all the way in Japan? Come home! Miss her and the fam.